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Our products are the outcome of extensive research and practical experience. We are committed to delivering high quality and innovative products and practical services.

Our manufacturing facility is ISO accredited, and our quality management systems provide full traceability and quality assurance.

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Why SFS?

  • Consistent product quality
  • Tailor-made solutions for individual customers
  • Significant cost savings
  • High quality shredding of forage to provide the cows the required nutritional fibers and ensure proper digestion of the corn
  • High feed safety by ensuring maximum biosecurity resulting in minimal risk of mould proliferation and micotoxins production
  • Advanced quality control procedures to ensure high consistency of the feed and nutritional content required for the dairy cow.  Each package has Lot Quality Control and Traceability, and an individual number.  All are marked for identification during the production process
  • High quality silage process due to good anaerobic conditions in the machine-pressed silage package ensures good taste and smell of the feed, supporting high levels of feed consumption by the cows
  • Everything inside the package is edible with minimum loss of feed that can be spoiled by exposure to air
  • Long shelf life maintaining all nutrients and ensuring top quality
  • Maximum freshness for up to 3 days when opened


The Israeli dairy industry

Israeli cows are global leaders in milk yields, despite the desert conditions of the region, heat, humidity, endemic diseases, and limited land and water resources.

In the case of dairy cattle, Israel has the highest production in the world – some 12,000 liters of milk per cow per lactation of 305 to 310 days. That is 40 liters of milk per cow per day.

Facts and figures of dairy production in Israel (2014)

National herd: 125,000 heads

Breed: Israeli-Holstein

The average % annual milk yield per cow was 12,083 kg of milk, of which 3.27%.is protein and 3.64% is fat

Milk productivity per cow per day (2014)




A modern large-scale manufacturing process with an annual capacity of 180,000 tons

Manufacturing facility is ISO accredited

A unique chopping process of the green material that generates long, thin digestive fibers that are important for the cows

Accurate mixing according to the specification of each batch to ensure homogenous product as ordered by end customer

Automated mechanical high-pressure hydraulic press to manufacture bales with 50% dry matter that generates the best possible anaerobic environment

Nutritional analysis (N.I.R) with documented results sent to end customer

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SFS provides novel feed solutions for ruminant animals based on crops and by-products grown in developing countries.

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